How does Q-Zone work?

Q-Zone is a two-part system based on Bluetooth wireless technology. The first part of the Q-Zone system is a small piece of software that resides inside the mobile phone itself. The other part is the Q-Zone hardware - or node - installed at the venue. Both pieces require Bluetooth in order for the system to work.

Q-Zone nodes constantly scan their area for other Bluetooth enabled devices. When a device (mobile phone, laptop, PDA) enters the area, the Q-Zone node initiates a brief interaction to tell the device that it is in a Q-Zone area and sends the signal for the device to be quiet. The device receives the signal and shifts into "quiet mode." Quiet modes will vary from device to device, but generally vibrating alerts and volume step tones are used to help control interruptions and distractions. Once the device leaves the Q-Zone area, the previous alert settings are reset seamlessly and automatically.

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