Corporate Overview

BlueLinx Inc., is a wireless innovations company that identifies and develops applications for consumer electronics based on wireless personal area networking. BlueLinx provides integrated wireless product advancements and expert consulting services to develop new markets through its global expertise in wireless communications.

BlueLinx' main product, Q-Zone, provides consumers with a courtesy-enhancing feature for their electronic devices and helps society "keep the peace" in public venues. This option allows cell phone users to specify how polite their device will behave in quiet zones --- either automatic courteous mode or another user specified preference.

Q-Zone works by automatically changing ring tone or alert settings on cell phones or small electronic devices to lower volumes or shifting to silent vibration when entering specified quiet zone areas such as churches, conference rooms, courtrooms, and libraries. Q-Zone then reapplies previous alert settings upon leaving the designated areas. It operates through a series of small electronic "nodes" installed throughout the quiet zone areas that form a wireless network, allowing seamless communication between the different devices.

Q-Zone technology is based on Bluetooth, an emerging common wireless communication standard that creates links between consumer electronic devices. Bluetooth is led by a Special Interest Group of leaders in the telecommunications and computing industries such as Ericsson, IBM, Microsoft, 3Com, Motorola, Nokia, Toshiba, Lucent and Intel. BlueLinx is a member of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) which boasts over 2,400 members worldwide.

A privately owned company, BlueLinx was incorporated in August, 1999 and is located in Charlotte, N.C.

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